"Creature" - Bipasha Basu's another horror movie

06/25/2014 13:46
Bipasha Basu seems to be a favourite of horror moviemakers. Her successful films have mostly been in the horror genre so far, especially the Raaz series. Vikram Bhatt is probably confident about Bipasha Basu’s performance in a horror film than any other actress. This horror movie  Creature  boasts to have the special effects that match Hollywood standards. It is interesting to anticipate the vfx effects that are to be used in the 3D horror movie. The release of this movie is postponed to September. This movie stars Pakistani model Imran Abbas Naqvi. 
It is said that Vikram Bhatt is still working to finesse the vfx. This movie seems to have a good dose of multimedia and graphics. When a horror movie uses dramatic effects done perfectly, it is meant to create the desired results. Horror movies come in a combo genre. Like sci-fi horror, horror fantasy, etc. It is a movie produced by T series brothers, Krishan Kumar and Bhushan Kumar. Krishan Kumar was once an actor, who starred in a movie called Befawa Sanam produced by T series. 
This is probably their first venture in a horror movie. Bhushan Kumar, the son of Late Gulshan Kumar has successfully produced movies like Aashiqui2, Bhootnath Returns, etc. Given his choice of movies running successfully in theatres, this movie too might just do as expected. Vikram Bhatt, apart from directing has also done the screenplay of the movie. This hopefully might pioneer a variety of horror filmmaking in Bollywood. Not the run of the mill story of Zombies, lust, and blood. Not much is written about the story of Creature, hence it is difficult to predict if it will be a blockbuster or run with average success.
Bhushan Kumar is one brilliant film producer and entrepreneur who knows how to steer his boat in the right direction. He has not just stuck up on making T-Series music but has also thrown offshoots in producing films of varied genre. If this will just be a Voice Over acting for the stars or if they are, part of the performance is still not disclosed. The crew seems to be tight-lipped about the story as well as the complete star cast. It has only been shot in two locations. Mumbai and the serene greens of Ooty in Karnataka. How can serene hill stations make up for locations to shoot spooky films, is still a quest to be resolved. May be it is the natural fog and mist that filmmakers like to use to create an effect. Hopefully this movie can generate the required amount of curiosity, gripping awe, and a good dose of chills, that might keep you cooler than those locations in Ooty.
Usually 3D in India is quite amateurish. This movie, directed by Vikram Bhatt who does a good job on thriller and horror genre, should probably make it to the top of the charts. That could only be a very decent prediction for a movie who’s story or synopsis are not yet published.