Check out hot & sizzling avatar of Nargis Fakhri’s in Kick

07/13/2014 11:14
Nargis Fakri will be doing the item number, which is more of a promotional song for Salman khan’s upcoming movie, Kick. This song is the title song, Devil, of the film. It has lot of emo, gothic, and underground elements. While Salman Khan is dressed in black hooded clock, and holds a trident, to look sinister, Nargis too is paired in a similar look. 
Nargis Fakri looks hot like never before. Dressed in a lacy gown and donning a sinister look that makes sin look delicious, her look can get your hearts racing. It is no surprise Katrina Kaif said no to doing this item number; post her break up with Salman Khan. Given the fact that she has been having a tough time with Ranbir, she has chosen to stay out of anything that might lead to a controversy. Since the rumours of Katrina and Ranbir’s tiff are always doing the rounds, Katrina is probably extra careful not to divulge into any projects that can add fuel to the fire.
Salman Khan has come out to be a changed man in the recent years. His saga of being passionately possessive and violent in relationships has been subsided post his break up with Katrina. Since he is not doing the Kick Movie item number, Nargis Fakri seemed to be a novel choice. She has never done an item number before. With only a few films old, Nargis Fakri is already enjoying the attention and the dance songs in her way. 
Ahmed khan who had choreographed many popular numbers like the title song of the movie, Rangeela, is going to make Salman Khan and Nargis Fakri dance to his tunes. Emo and gothic are stylish elements incorporated into this song and the film per se. Goth is always stylish. Vampires and wickedness is always made to look cool in movies, which it is not in reality. 
It is also said that Nargis Fakri has very high degree of professionalism. Though her feet had sprain, she still managed to be on the sets in Film city every day to complete this five-day shoot for the song. It is said that she has been visiting the doctors every day about the sprain in order to complete shooting the song without any delay. 
Nargis Fakri is a sizzling combination of beauty, brains, and uber talent. Her look in a monotone solid black laced gown with scarlet lips complements Salman Khan’s look of a Devil in this song. It is said that Salman Khan’s character has a darker tone in the film. His character is not going to be rose tinted and peachy, something that is atypical of any role of a Bollywood hero. Salman Khan is his own law and gospel in this movie. A character that is notorious but is meant to charm his way through the audience. Salman Khan plays the character of Devil in style. Sajid Nadiawala and Salman Khan might make something remarkable through this movie.