Mary Kom Film is scheduled to release in two versions one for Indian audience and another for International audience.

07/26/2014 18:52
Mary Kom is a biopic of the life of a champion boxer who made it big at the Olympics. Priyanka Chopra plays the lead role in this film. Her role as a boxer required her to undergo dedicated training in order to look and act the part. Now, this film has been held back for release. The reason behind this delay is that the filmmakers want this film to appeal to the international audience. For this they have decided to make two separate versions of the film.
The version that will be shown to Indian audiences will focus more on Mary Kom’s life story and her personal struggles. This version will also include songs that will appeal to the Indian audience. The version tailored for the international audience will not include song sequences. This version is set to focus more on her boxing achievements. Another film that is following the same pattern is ‘Finding Fanny’ which stars Deepika Padukone, Naseeruddin Shah and Dimple Kapadia among others. The makers of this film have also created two separate versions of this film, one made for Indian audiences and the other altered to suit the taste of global audiences. From this we can see that filmmakers are growing versatile and open to the idea of making cinema that appeals to audience on a global level. This might just bring about a revolution in the cinema industry.
Priyanka Chopra’s role in Mary Kom Movie had her on a strict regimen to suit the character she was about to play. From her look in the poster of this film, we can confidently say that the actress has remained successful in doing so. Just her expression in the poster is enough to say it all. Priyanka Chopra has always taken up the challenge of acting for unconventional roles and this is what has actually helped her grow as an actor. Her role in ‘Barfi’ and ‘7 Khoon Maaf’ was phenomenal, and she did every bit to look and act the part. With playing the character of Mary Kom, we’re sure the actress will receive a lot of positive response from the critics and audience as well. 
Before this, ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’ was another biopic that was more than successful both with the audience and the box-office as well. This was a biopic on the famous athlete Milhka Singh. We can see that Bollywood is appreciating the laurels won by sportsmen of our nation by honoring them with a biopic. We’re sure these efforts will inspire and encourage other sportsmen to do better and excel in their efforts to be the best. Mary Kom is set to release on the 5th of September this year which co-incidentally happens to be the same date of release for ‘Daawat-e-Ishq’ starring Priyanka’s cousin Parineeti Chopra and newcomer Arjun Roy Kapur. It will be interesting to watch if this biopic will be worth the hype and win at the box office. We hope their efforts of making two separate versions of the film works for them.