Priyanka Chopra's unique appearance in biopic Mary Kom

09/02/2014 12:02

The forthcoming film Mary Kom is set to honor another sports star that made it big at the Olympics. In this film, Priyanka Chopra plays the role of a boxer and depicts the real life struggle of boxing champion Mary Kom. Priyanka Chopra has to undergo a lot of training for this film to match the character she was required to play. From the poster and the trailer we can say that the actress has remained successful in doing so. The stunning actress was injured several times during filming this movie.

It is also said that prior to the shooting, Priyanka Chopra had met Mary Kom in Mumbai to know about her personal life and how she managed her home as a wife and a mother while being trained as a boxer for world championship. Priyanka Chopra has also mentioned in most of the interviews that this is one of the toughest and the most challenging movies she will ever be doing. Priyanka Chopra was also made to look bald in one of the scenes and she said as an actor she would do justice to every role she plays.

It will be very interesting to watch Priyanka portray the life of a champion boxer who made it big despite all the struggles she had to face. Mary Kom Movie Reviews also set an example and breaks the stereo type that women can’t be good at a sport that is usually associated by masculinity. Another film that has the same mind-set is the forthcoming crime centric film titled ‘Mardaani’. This film has Rani Mukerji in the lead role playing the character of a cop that will stop at nothing when it comes to eradicating crime from the society. It is nice to know that Bollywood has taken to women centric films that have an overall impact on society as a whole.

It will be interesting to watch more and more films that support women and portray them as true leaders who can achieve anything a man can. Kudos to filmmakers to take the efforts in providing us films that give out a social message instead of just plainly entertaining us like all the rest of the films.