Rani Mukerji Mardaani or Ajay Devgn’s Singham Returns; which one will have better action?

07/24/2014 01:21
This August is the month of action, month of cops and drama. Two cop based movies will be out one after the other in a fast pace string. The first one to to hit the theartes would be Singham Returns starrring Ajay Devgn as Bajirao Singham in this sequel of Singham. While Singham Returns releases on 15 August, a week later, Rani will make her way to the silver screen with Mardaani. Strikingly, Rani Mukerjee will also be seen as a cop in the movie and like Ajay Devgn would be seen knocking down some mean villain rears. Ajay Devgn’s Singham Returns fights the issue of black money, Rani’s film Mardaani will be tackling issues of child trafficking. Though both the movies are cop-based, Singham Returns will see Rohit Shetty’s high action stunts like exploding SUVs and cars and other super VFX laced effects. While Mardaani, has Rani involved in more running, hand-to-hand combat, chasing DTC buses while playing the role of a female police inspector. Mardani also marks the unique, never seen before look of Rani Mukerjee as a super fearless cop. While Ajay Devgn will be seen in the heroic Khaki police uniform, Rani on the other hand will walk the roads in plain clothes.
Mardani features Rani as Shivani Shivaji Roy, a foxy and an insightful cop working at the Mumbai crime branch unit. Shivani sets the sail on an enslaving hunt for a girl and what leads to a cat and mouse trap between a ruthless mafia kingpin and a fearless cop. The character is apparently based on a real lady police officer who busted several child trafficking cases in the city. The Mardaani movie drifts into the dark and desperate world of child trafficking and straggles between Mumbai and Delhi. The film also has some spine-chilling dialogues to add the tone of the scornful trafficking world. The movie is based on child trafficking, apparently, inspired from high-profile human trafficking cases. While the makers of the film are calling it to be a piece of fiction, but there is a stroke of reality in every scene. Rani Mukherjee carries the fierce-cop guise and attitude quite finely from chasing buses to running after criminals to wiping blood off her face, she does it all deftly.
When talking about Singham Returns the first thing that hits the mind is the fearless and honest police officer Bhajirao Singham. Singham Returns is a sequel to Singham released in 2011 directed by Rohit Shetty. It’s fierce, intense and yea it has high octane stunts cars being blown up. The end result is enthralling. On the other side, Kareena looks very green and adds the much needed fun and comic flavor to the intense drama. The story sails on how a police officer tries to tackle the issues of black money and of course kicking some bad rears. Singham Returns is a total Rohit Shetty and Ajay Devgn movie which is loaded with stunts, action, drama, comedy and romance. 
Now the question is out of the two which one will have better action instored? The answer is simple. Singham Returns is loaded with special effects and high octane stunts while Mardani is more of one-on-one chasing combat. Rohit Shetty wears the crown of action so it’s obvious Singham Returns is explosively loaded with intense action.