Soonam Kapoor’s: Khoobsurat

07/24/2014 01:32
Is Soonam Kapoor’s upcoming movie ‘Khoobsurat’ the remake of Disney’s hit movie The Princess Dairies? Such Rumors started to make the rounds after the poster of the movie was out with featured Soonam Kapoor wearing printed denim and holding a rucksack with a caption that says 'The Royal Misfit'. The movie Features the best fashion icon Soonam Kapoor and Pakistani actor Fawad Khan.
In the movie Soonam Kapoor plays the role of Dr Mili Chakravarty, a clumsy and loud physiotherapist. She giggles, stumbles and tries to look like a typical lame and lost Disney cartoon character and tries to bring out the cuteness and innocence of the 16-year-old bimbo. Soonam Kapoor said in an interview that"The spirit is the same (of both the films). The characters are also the same. But the milieu and circumstances have been changed”. Both the movie implies the old Khubsurat movie(1980) starring Rekha, Ashok Kumar, Dina Pathak and Rakesh Roshan in the major roles. The 1980 Khooburat was how a women runs a strict household and this scene changes when her second son gets married to Anju and her sister manju(Rekha) and how she convinces everyone that standing up for one’s right is a good thing. Both the movie doesn’t have much in common but Mili and Soonam in real life do. There are a lot of similarities in Soonam Kapoors character in the Khoobsurat movie and in real life. Both have a very fashionable wardrobe both are big blabber mouths and both are bimbos. The movie is about the love story of Mili and the prince and the movie is complimented by Yo Yo Honey Singh’s songs.  Kirron Kher is playing a loud Punjabi mother in the movie and she seems extremely good at it.
The trailer of the movie is regarded is very loud and colorful and it clearly looks like a princess diary remake. The trailer features huge castle a very lavish lifestyle and the misfit Mili who seems to have a tough time adjusting in the new royal environment. Lately the movie has been receiving a lot of criticism from the critics that Soonma Kapoor won’t be able to pull off a Rehka well on the contrary Fawad Khan has gained a huge female fan following and he also went on to say in an interview that “Art knows no Culture”. Soonam Kapoor has not giving many award winning performances in her previous movies like Sawaariya, I Hate Love Stories, Players and Fawad is an all new actor so we don’t really know what to expect from the movie. Let’s wait and watch. The movie is to be realized on September 19.