Upcoming horror movies 2014

08/30/2014 17:12
Most movies can make a person cry or laugh with ease , but the movies that make the audiences shiver in their seats trembling with fear are the ones that stand out and are the ones to look forward to . Bollywood has not been a great fan of horror movies , as makers coming out with scary films are few and far between . Some bollywood horror movies that did manage to frighten the crowd were Bhoot , Darna Mana Hai and Haunted 3D .  However , a benchmark in horror films has yet to be set and 2014 might just be the year when that happens. 
The remainder of 2014 has four months to go and a few Bollywood films based on the genre of horror are ready to release and spread fear among all . Bipasha Basu will be starring in a horror film named ‘Creature’ which is in 3D and directed by Vikram  Bhatt . The film surely seems dark and scary as far as the trailer is concerned and it releases on 12th September 2014 .  26th September is another massive day in Bollywood as two horror movies hit the theatres on the very same date . ‘Mumbai 125 km 3D’ is one of them as it shows the journey through horror in the city of Mumbai and its vicinity . The films features Pakistani model ‘Veena Malik’ .  The other movie coming out that day will be ‘ 3AM’ which sees Ranvijay Singh play the lead role and is directed by Vishal Mahadkar. 
With bollywood not coming up with more Horror films , the fans should not be disappointed as Hollywood is ready to blow our minds with its own list of scary movies coming out this year.
The most scary series of movies in the industry of Hollywood is coming out with yet another spine chilling film this year , as Paranormal Activity 5 gets ready to release . The first four Paranormal Activity films have been heart stopping frightening to say the least and this one certainly promises much more . It is definitely not a wise choice for the weak hearted.  ‘Annabelle’ is another film that is ready to make people cling on for dear life as the makers of The Conjurring come up with another part of their horror filled series.
Other horror films like 7500 , which is an American supernatural film , Poltergeist , See No Evil 2  , Jessabelle , Tusk and Rec 4 : Apocalypse are lined up throughout the dying oart of 2014 and will surely serve as a treat to those who love the genre of horror. 
So , both Hollywood and Bollywood have seem to picked up their pace and abilities as far as Horror is concerned and the films are expected to deliver well on the big stage . 2014 is certainly dying fast , but the films have just started to get better and bigger .