Who Will Play the lead role in Bank Chor

07/09/2014 19:05
Bumpy is going to direct Yash Raj Film’s Bank Chor. It is an upcoming action, crime, comedy film. Kapil Sharma who was initially supposed to be the lead in this film, has been dropped out for reasons unknown. Since not much is spoken about why he has been dropped from this three film contract, many rumors about the same are doing the rounds. Kapil has said that he was ready to cut down his popular comedy show to one show per week, however, none of his efforts seem to have convinced Yash Raj Films about his commitment to the project.
The story of Bank Chor seems similar to Al Pacino’s movie, Dog Day Afternoon. This Hollywood film is, however, based on a true incident that occurred in the year 1972. The article was titled, ‘The Boys in the Bank.’ This movie is based on a bank robber in America, namely, John Wojtowicz, who tried to rob a bank on the fly without a prior plan. Bank Chor, though has a similar storyline, also seems to have the required degree of masala that’s suitable for the Indian audience. In most of his statements given to the press, Kapil Sharma has expressed his concern for losing this film project with Yash Raj Films. 
He was said to be excited to play a role that lets him experiment with different shades of this character and showcase his performance as a thorough actor onscreen. Bank Chor is no typical love story, which is the USP of any Yash Raj Film. They are open to venturing into different genres of films apart from romantic comedies alone. 
We can guess who would be ideal for this role. If actors like Vrajesh Hirji, Vijay Raaz, and Paresh Rawal are chosen, this movie might turn out to be even better than Priyadarshan’s Hera Pheri or the Golmaal series. Vijay Raaz is one of the best comedians of Bollywood. His performance in the Hindi remake of Tamil movie, Run, was well received. Bank Chor is slated to release in the year 2015. Post his withdrawal from this project, Kapil Sharma got into a twitter war with the controversial twitter king, Kamal R Khan. Kamal has been posting some nasty tweets about Kapil and also posted his reply on the cyberspace. In a heated spat, Kapil ended up threatening Kamal with dire straits. A fumed Kamal, tweeted saying that he might lodge a legal complaint against Kapil if he didn’t back off. 
Kapil Sharma has invited many popular actors on his comedy show. Superstars like Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra, etc have appeared on his show, Comedy Nights. His work does not need any introduction. All Kapil needs is yet another opportunity to make a mark in Bollywood. Kapil has also hosted Punjabi International Films awards in Toronto. He is not only a host but also a producer of Comedy Nights. After his termination from Bank Chor’s three film, project, Kapil Sharma has returned back to doing his regular television comedy series.